Playtech established its name way back 1999 and was founded by entrepreneurs from the casino, software engineering and multimedia industries. Known for its wide collection of gaming products and applications which include casino, poker, bingo, live gaming, betting etc., Playtech’s products has been integrated into a cross-platform which enable players to access their games via online, mobile, broadcast and server-based terminals. Their cross-platform capability is run thru an integrated information management system known as the IMS. The Information Management System (IMS) is the backbone behind every product. It provides a set of tools needed to run and manage every aspect of business. IMS, in short, is a complete and fully-integrated service that provides only the best tools designed to meet the needs of your business.

Playtech Products

Playtech offers a wide variety of products including Casino, Lottery, Poker, Bingo, Binary Options, Sports Betting and Social Gaming. A single platform with multiple products, that’s what Playtech has been known for years. These products are a part of a unified platform and can be fully integrated into existing systems which enable users to utilize it as a stand-alone application.

Casino Gaming and More

Playtech is well-known for its creative and state-of-the-art gaming content, providing players with an ultimate gaming experience. It offers over 500 games to date and 50 games are added to its library every year. It grows continually, so more gamers out there will experience the thrill and enjoyment while playing. Their games are unparalleled and combine only the high-end technology and excellent user interface only Playtech can offer.

Limitless Gaming Opportunities, Wherever, Whenever

Playtech games can be played on different varieties of handsets, from mobile phones to smart phones, tablets and laptops, perfect for those players who are always on the go. These games can be downloaded or can even be played using mobile applications. Playtech is best known for its versatility because of its advanced integration services that can either be downloadable, web-based or mobile version.

Furthermore, it offers the largest library of games with over 500 games available under different categories. What’s more, it has the EdGE which stands for Enhanced Gaming Engine Platform. Games under the EdGE platform supports multiple domains and are available in 30 languages and currencies.


Playtech software offers a variety of services that will help in upgrading your business needs.

  • Turnkey Service Solution which provides clients a range of extensive and comprehensive tools designed to maximize profits of every gaming operation.
  • E-mail and phone customer service, 24/7 always available
  • Financial services to review and monitor online activities
  • Playtech also offers Fraud Prevention and Risk Management Tools to detect malicious and prevent fraudulent behavior.
  • Hosting services
  • Payment advisory services. Offering with a total of 50 different payment methods form Credit Card processing, e-wallets, gateways, wire transfer and many more.
  • Poker and bingo management
  • Live Dealer Management
  • Marketing services

Playtech not only offers an extensive and comprehensive range of services but also provides an ultimate and state-of-the-art gaming experience. Driven by the desire to deliver only positive outlook towards its clients worldwide, where customers demand perfection, only Playtech can do more beyond expectation.