Mobile Keno

Are you a fan of Keno? If so, you may be familiar with the one frustrating thing about the game as it is played in most casino locations – you have to wait to see if you picked the right or winning numbers. Most casinos will have a new drawing every five or ten minutes, and this means an avid player has to track their tickets and make sure they are paying attention when the drawings occur. When you play the game online, however, you often get more immediate results, and this is one of the reasons that mobile Keno is so wildly popular too.Mobile Keno

Apart from the faster draw times, a game of mobile Keno is exactly the same as an online or casino version. The game is much like a classic “pick and win” lottery ticket. The player of a game of traditional or mobile Keno simply picks a set range of numbers from a possible eighty. The rules often vary from game to game, with some versions allowing up to ten numbers to be selected and some allowing as many as twenty to be chosen. This is the reason that the payouts vary so widely too.

For instance, when there are eighty possible numbers and a player of a mobile Keno can pick up to twenty on their ticket, the payouts are smaller than the versions in which the player gets to choose only ten. Also, it is entirely up to the casino or site to determine their actual payout amounts. Lastly, the prizes for a winner of a game of mobile Keno will vary according to the wager placed on the ticket as well.

All versions of Keno ask that the player wager from one to ten dollars on the ticket, and according to the number of matches on the ticket, the prizes will vary. This can mean that someone who wagers only one dollar but who matches all of the numbers drawn will never win the same payout as the player who wagers the full ten dollars and who also gets every number correct.

Are chances improved by playing a mobile version of the Keno game? Nope! Just like any game of chance in a “brick and mortar” or online version, those enjoying rounds of Keno through a mobile device have the exact same odds as anyone else.

The games may look a bit different from their online versions, but usually they are not dramatically so. For instance, all mobile games of Keno will have the payout table just as clearly displayed on one of the game screens as the online or casino games do. The players can use the same processes to select their numbers, make their wagers, and buy their tickets. They can also avoid the usual waiting around to see if they have won, and can use other mobile apps before returning to the Keno game to check if they have taken a prize. Actually, the mobile variants allow someone to just view a running tally of their total prizes in a special area of the game screen, and this too is one of the reasons why so many players opt for the mobile versions of Keno.