Sega Casino Closes its Operation

Sega Casino just recently launched its online casino and online poker casino brands based on a playtech software and today (September 15th 2010) it announced its no longer accepting new players and deposits from existing players.

Affiliates received today the following e-mail:

Dear Affiliate,

We hope this reaches you well. SEGA Games has decided to discontinue the affiliate program in your jurisdiction. Your account will be cancelled, effective 15 September 2010.

Meanwhile, you can click here to access the data you may need from your affiliate account.

For assistance, feel free to reach us at the contact information found below:


Thank you for being a part of SEGA Games!

Best regards,
SEGA Games

Sega casino and poker were launched earlier this year and made a buzz as Sega gaming was once a big name in the PC games industry and as a known brands it was launched with high expectation to finally see something different from an online casino.Sega Casino Closed

A formal source in the company stated the cause for closing its operation is unresolved issues between Sega gaming and its casino and poker software provider Playtech stating they will look for a different solution and until then they will close their online gambling operation for now.

While it’s unclear of how successful were Sega Poker and Sega Casino, the launch and closing of it’s Casino and Poker brands is a fact and players getting to the Sega Casino Website now get a message stating they do not accept new depositors from the jurisdiction.

Players can withdraw their funds and it seems that Sega and Playtech are still providing support until the last players will close their accounts.

This unfortunate event comes to show that not anyone can take a license and operate an online casino brand of its own.

If you had an account with Sega Casino you should hurry up and cash out your balance (if you still have some left) and start playing with a well known brand which is more likely to stick for a few years and not disappear after 6 months.

Sega Casino despite the unfortunate closing had a good reputation and the fact it chose Playtech as a software provider only did it good, we might see sega return in the future asking its players to open a new account in a Microgaming platform or a RTG or Rival who knows, what’s for sure is that Sega is now closed, next!