Casino With PayPal

It is not very common to gamble with PayPal however you can definitely find casino with PayPal as a payment option and a withdrawal method to cash out your winnings.

Since PayPal is not gambling oriented, it only works with casino brands which are licensed and regulated in the countries they operate in. Since most of the online casinos are not regulated in most countries they do not accept PayPal.

PayPal is originally a payment solution for eBay and while there are talks about eBay casino, PayPal decided to withdraw its business from online gambling and added a section to their terms of use stating that they do not work with online gambling operators at all.

Recently they gone back to working with casinos and now you can track a casino with PayPal more easily and make a deposit using PayPal. Casino With PayPal

Having the ability as a player to deposit and withdraw using PayPal is a major advantage as PayPal carries low fees and since it’s very popular worldwide it is accepted almost anywhere in the world. This means you can use it for anything and the ability to use it for gambling makes it even more attractive. Another advantage is the ability to dispute transactions made online which is a great disadvantage for PayPal and the online casino operators as you can read below.

As a casino operator having the ability to accept PayPal casino payments opens the gate for many potential customers who want to gamble while keeping their financial and personal details private from the casino.

PayPal can definitely gain from accepting online casinos, since they charge a fee for transactions made with PayPal, the only disadvantage is that gamblers tend to cancel the transactions made with PayPal claiming they didn’t make these transactions – this is most common in cases where the player losses a lot of money and try to save whatever he can. This is obviously a major disadvantage for the casino operators as they can instantly lose money from unsatisfied customers.

In the long term it seems that we will see more casinos with PayPal as the gambling industry becomes more regulated.