Casino With Dealers

There are many casino games available for a gambler to choose from. Some gamblers love to play the slot machines, and some love the table games and card games better. It’s either playing against the machine or playing against the dealer but in any way it’s you against the house or the casino.

For those who don’t trust the random number generators based in the slot machines or video poker games or other arcade casino video games, there are live dealers that you can play against while sitting at a table.Casino With Dealers

These live dealers are usually available in games such as roulette, poker (Texas Hold’em), craps, blackjack, Baccarat and sic bo.

When playing against live dealers you basically use a web camera which broadcast the dealer at the table and you can even chat with the dealer, however the dealer will not see you.

Usually a casino with dealers will be connected to a network of casinos using the same dealers. This means that if you use a playtech casino it will have the same dealers as other playtech casinos.

The live dealers are intended to provide a real casino experience to the player. You can chat with the dealer, you can see the dealer in real time and you see that everything is for real.

To make sure the live dealers run live, in most casinos you will have some sort of tv show running on the background, CNN or Sky news or other type of live broadcast just to show that it’s happening now.
The live dealers are located in countries such as the Philippines, Gibraltar and some east European countries where the work force is cheap.

Casino with dealers operate on a 24/7 basis, you will always have a live dealer running at the games mentioned above. The dealers work in shifts and it might just be that they will switch while you are playing.

The live dealers have a certain dress code and they must look good, wearing makeup to please the clients (players).
If you enjoyed a live dealer you can tip them. You should know that some online casinos do not give the tips to the live dealers and that the money goes to the casino. Unfortunately you will never know this and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Some flash no download game versions will not enable you to play a casino with dealers due to technical restrictions.