Video Poker Strategy

If you are looking for a simplified video poker strategy you may be out of luck. Why? This is because there are so many different versions of the game that it is actually impossible to establish a single, winning approach to playing it.

Need an example? There is the “Jacks or Better” game that says a player cannot win against the “house” unless they have at least one pair of Jacks, or better. Clearly, this means that a player may have to actually discard what would normally be a “paying” hand in order to win this version of the game.

It is also interesting to note that one type of video poker strategy may be to actually discard the entire hand. For example, if the hand doesn’t contain any pairs of Jacks or better, and also has none of the cards necessary for a royal flush, then it is traditional for the player to just toss the entire hand and ask for five new cards.

What all of this illustrates is that it is important for the player to select the types of games which allow them to use their personal strengths in order to win. For example, if a player finds that they are excellent at formulating a reliable video poker strategy only in the Jacks or Better games, then they should stick with these until their abilities in classic poker strategies strengthen.

Even then, it may be difficult to reach a level of proficiency that allows for a lot of wins right from the start. Consider that some people will still forget to hold on to their high pairs because they have a hand that contains three of the cards for a royal flush. It is just a habit to look for the paying hands, and this means that one of the best video strategies may be to forge new habits and ignore classic strategic plays.