Online Joker Poker

Is online joker poker any different from the video games played in regular casinos? Not really. Although each casino uses its own designs and coin values or limits, a game of online joker poker is going to operate in roughly the same manner wherever it is played.

The rules for online joker poker are also the same as the casino games, and involve the use of a 53-card deck (52 standard cards and the single joker), a single player, and two deals. To play the game the player logs into their account or downloads the free software. If the game is a “real money” version the player can set their wager for the upcoming hand by choosing the number of coins to bet and the values of the coins. There are also free games that allow for “fantasy” wagers, but which do not payout actual prizes.

The next step is to accept the first deal, which is the traditional poker deal of five cards. The player must review their hand and decide which of their cards to keep and which to discard. It is interesting to note that the single joker actually appears in a first deal around ten percent of the time, and because of this there are two sets of strategies that players will follow.

There are the strategies implemented for the times when the players receive the joker card, and there are the alternative strategies for hands without the joker. Interestingly enough, many novice players are surprised to see that common strategy for hands with the joker will include discarding winning combinations or cards if the presence of that joker means that a better hand is possible.

When the joker is not received, most experts retain all winning combinations simply because they may not have an opportunity to increase the value of their prize if they discarded them.