Joker Poker Video Poker

What does it take to really master the joker poker video poker game? It is actually a very simple game to play, and to win! It is important to remember that joker poker video poker is not the same as any sort of classic poker, with the exception that the winning hands are all made from the same combinations and cards.

All versions of joker poker video poker are played by an individual rather than a group. This changes things substantially from traditional poker gaming because it means that strategies do not have to be implemented in order to “beat” another player. Instead, the player just has to learn how to make the most effective choices where “holds” and “discards” are concerned.

For example, the game uses the standard deck of fifty-two playing cards along with a single joker that serves as the one “wild” card. This card can stand in for any card in a combination, and this means that a different strategy is often necessary when the player happens to get the one wild card.

How often does the joker actually appear in a hand? The statistics vary, but generally the joker shows up in the first deal around ten percent of the time. This is often enough for players to need to memorize the list of combinations that they should retain when the joker is also in their hand.

What are these combinations? Most experienced players say to keep any three of a kind, three or four cards to a Royal Flush, pairs of Aces or Kings, three cards to a Straight Flush, four card Flushes with no Kings or Aces, and consecutive four card Straights. If the hand doesn’t have any of those combinations in addition to the joker the classic strategy is to actually discard all but the joker in order to try to win a larger prize.