How To Play Joker Poker

Have you learned how to play joker poker yet? If not, you will definitely want to get started on this incredibly rewarding variety of classic poker. What will make you really appreciate learning how to play joker poker is the fact that it is actually only similar to poker in that it uses the same winning hands, but the way that the game is actually played is dramatically different.

For example, one of the first things you will learn about how to play joker poker is that you play the game alone. This means that you will be seated at your computer or at a video display in a casino, and that no one else competes against you in the many different hands or rounds.

This puts a whole new “spin” on the game because it means that all of the usual pressures to make quick calls, hide your reactions, and gauge the best plays are gone. Instead, you are seated at the game, get your cards, decide which to keep, and quickly learn if your choices won a prize.

When you go to play a game of joker poker you will first need to decide on your wager. This will vary from game to game, and most will allow you to choose the value of the coins, and even the number of coins, wagered on any hand played.

The games will all use 53 cards (a standard deck plus the single “wild” joker) to create the combinations, but the player gets a hand of five on the initial deal. The joker can stand in for any card and be put to use to make any combination. Because it appears in roughly 10% of the hands, it is possible to enjoy a much higher return on this game than on nearly any other available.