Joker Poker

Many people who enjoy spending time in online casinos, or in the video section of a regular land based casino, will eventually run across the Joker Poker game or joker poker machines. This is similar to the classic video poker game called Jacks or Better with the exception that it uses a 53-card deck (the standard deck plus the Joker) and views that Joker as a wild card other variants include the joker wild poker game.

Learning how to play Joker Poker is easy. The way the joker poker video poker game is played is simple, but many poker enthusiasts cannot quickly master it because they are still using table techniques when this is totally unnecessary. What does that mean? Well, each game of Joker Poker is played against the machine, which means that it is not played against opponents and the dealer. This changes things quite dramatically and it requires the player to seek to “forget” their normal strategies.Joker Poker

The game will open with a player receiving five cards on their computer screen. Beneath each card is a button with the word “discard” printed on it. The player simply chooses which cards to keep and which to eliminate in order to develop the best hand possible. The classic poker hands apply with everything from a pair to a royal flush possible.

There is some flexibility where wagering is concerned in a game of Joker Poker, and most machines or online casinos will allow from one to five coins to be wagered on a single hand. It is important to note here, however, that the largest jackpot payments tend to always go only to the player’s who have elected the full or maximum coin wagers. For instance, a standard payout table of the 9/6 variety will have a prize of 250 coins in return for a single coin wager when the player builds a Royal Flush. If they wager five coins the prize is a hefty four thousand coins.

For example, a game might have a 9/6 pay table or an 8/5 pay table. This means that it provides a payout of 9 for 1 on a full house and a 6 for 1 for a flush. Clearly, the 8/5 means that it is 8 for 1 on a full house and a 5 for 1 for a flush. Though these payments don’t seem all that different, it changes the percentages of the Joker Poker game from 99% to 97%, and this makes a big impact on the overall returns. The Joker poker video poker is also known as the joker poker slot machine as it is actually played on a slot machine like video game.

Even though the immediate goal of the game is to develop the best poker hand possible, it is also essential to remember that the payments for hands will vary. This is one reason that many poker enthusiasts are also challenged by the game – it drives players to work to get the rarest and most rewarding hands, which often means discarding cards that would have ensured some sort of payment or prize.

Often a Joker Poker player may discard a few of the cards necessary for a full house if they believe they might be able to develop a Straight or Royal Flush. This might lose them the entire game, and is one of the challenges to this video joker poker game or video poker slots. You can develop your own joker poker strategy and improve your chances of winning this game. You can learn the joker poker rules and get started playing instantly.

The online joker poker game is the same as the land based casino video machine version. You can find some free joker poker game variations in various online casinos that offer a practice mode and you can practice your strategy without risking real money. You will be required to run the joker poker download in order to get started playing.