Deuces wild video poker strategy

Is there any kind of deuces wild video poker strategy available? After all, isn’t it really just a game of chance? Not at all, it is just as much a game of strategy as standard poker. There are some significant differences between traditional poker and deuces wild video poker strategy, however, and this is due to the presence of the four wild cards in all games of deuces wild.

Consider that any deuces wild video poker strategy must begin with an understanding of the basic ways in which the game differs from regular poker. First of all, there are no opponents in this game, and the player is simply working to build the best hand possible over the course of two separate “deals”. This means that they will get their five original cards, review them for their winning potential, decide which to discard, get new cards and see if they have won.

Clearly, this is dramatically different from poker in which players are seated around a table and trying to bluff one another, making increasing wagers, and hoping to build a hand from what is left of the deck of cards after the initial deal.

When you play deuces wild, the entire deck is going to go to your hand and this means that the likelihood of a winning deal is quite substantial. The presence of the four wild cards (all four of the cards with a face value of two) also boosts the player’s chances for building a winning hand as well.

This is because those cards can substitute for any other card in the deck and can play a role in formulating any winning hand possible. They also make it possible for a player to get up to five of a kind as well, and this is something that usually comes with an enormous prize payment.