Deuces Wild Strategy

Have you thought about the use of a deuces wild strategy? It is actually very effective for those who enjoy playing this incredibly exciting variant of classic poker, and it requires nothing but a bit of memorization to master and to use.

The most basic thing to know about any deuces wild strategy is that it will be based on the number of deuces received in the first deal. At this point it is probably a good idea to quickly review how the deuces wild game is actually played. For one thing, it is not the same as poker because it is a “solo” game played by an individual working to build the strongest hand possible.

A hand is played by the individual receiving five cards. They will then assess that hand for any winning combinations or for its potential to be enhanced during the second deal. They will select which cards to hold and which to discard, and this is where deuces wild strategy comes into the equation.

If a player receives one or more of the wild cards in this first deal, it generally means that they have a few options where strategy is concerned. For example, if they are fortunate enough to get all of the deuces they would hold them because this is the most winning of all hands possible. If they get three of them they would hold only cards in a wild royal flush or five of a kind. Should there be two deuces in their hand, they keep any hand that would equate to four of a kind, and also keep any four cards that would translate to the Royal Flush.

It is the single deuce that opens up the strategy quite broadly and encourages the player to retain all “paying” hands with the exception of the four cards to a Royal Flush.