Bonus Deuces Wild

What’s the difference between regular and bonus deuces wild? It is actually a very simple matter, but it is fun to play this variant because of the enormous prizes available. For example, in most games of bonus deuces wild the player who gets “five of a kind” thanks to the presence of the wild cards and winning combinations will usually get a massive bonus prize.

How can someone get five of a kind? In all games of bonus deuces wild there will be four “wild” cards, and these are the four deuces, which are all of the two cards. These can serve as a substitute for any card in any combination. So, if you receive three of a kind plus two of the deuces you would have five of a kind. This can work out in a number of ways, but the bonus payments come regardless of how the five of a kind is managed.

Also, in most bonus games, the appearance of an Ace in a hand that also has four deuces will double the prize payment too much like other versions of video poker.

Although the rest of the rules and outcomes in a bonus game will be the same as in a standard game of deuces wild, the opportunity for taking in such massive prizes is what tends to draw more players to this version.

It is also interesting to note that the amount of the payment can also vary according to the number of coins wagered by the player. For example, many of the games have options for single coins, but may allow up to five coins on the hand. These coins can also have somewhat flexible values, which means that a player might decide to wager five coins with a value of twenty-five dollars each on their hand, or they might opt for five coins at a single dollar each, and this changes how much they can win on any given hand