Aces and Faces

If you are familiar with the very first video poker variant known as “Jacks or Better”, you are going to love the Aces and Faces game too. This is very similar in style to that initial video poker game, but it uses an 8/5 payout table and increases payments for four of a kind when they contain they face cards.

What is an 8/5 payout table? It describes a system by which a player is rewarded a certain number of coins for each coin they wager, and when they get a specific hand. The 8/5 table means that a player wins 8 for 1 on a full house and a 5 for 1 for a flush. Generally, this means that the payout percentage stands at a very rewarding 97% on all deals.Aces and Faces

When playing Aces and Faces a player is still only going to get in on the payments when they get a pair of Jacks or better. For instance, the most common hands that yield rewards are Jacks, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind containing the two through the Queen, four of a kind containing the Jack through the King, four aces, a Straight Flush, and a Royal Flush.

What does all of this mean to the dedicated player of Aces and Faces? It means that they must understand some of the fundamental principles of video poker before they begin playing the game. This is because most players are trained to compete against other players in order to win the hand, but this is just not necessary with video poker. Instead, the player is going to have to make decisions based entirely on the desire to build a winning hand, and this often leads to choices that seem contrary to standard poker strategy.

For example, most players of Aces and Faces might automatically opt to keep a “kicker” or a high card that is meant to be partnered with a pair in order to build a hand with two pair that may be higher than anyone else’s at the table. This is entirely unnecessary because that is not the goal of the game. Instead, the player has to consider the consequences of letting a potentially good card go in order to take their chance at a hand with a much higher payout.

Also, many players of the Aces and Faces game have to train themselves to consider new drawing techniques as well. For example, it is never advisable to draw to an “inside” during this video poker game because it often leaves the chances for getting the necessary card too low. Consider something like a 6, 7, 9, and 10; the deck only has four 8s, and the likelihood of getting this is just too low. Instead, consider any other options that might generate a payment according to the payout table provided.

There are video poker games in most online and land based casinos and this is certainly one variant that is among the most popular.