Craps Gambling

There are two ways that someone can enjoy the opportunity for craps gambling; they can choose to play either the casino or the street style. The casino style is the most common because it pits players against the “bank” or the casino that hosts the craps table. When playing this style, the gamers will each take a turn shooting the dice and all of the other players will have the option of placing wagers on each phase of the game.

This is the fundamental approach to any craps game, but the benefit of the casino style is that the rules are formalized and the wagering has a very guaranteed outcome. The formal rules for the casino style of craps gambling are also significant because they allow for several different employees to ensure that wagers are taken and that the game operates smoothly.

For example, there is the “boxman” who manages all of the activities around the use of the chips placed for wagers; there are the “base dealers” who are usually positioned to each side of the boxman, and who are responsible for collecting and paying on bets; and the “stickman” who is across from the boxman and who is responsible for center bets, collecting the dice, directing the base dealers, and announcing the results of each roll.

This many people working and monitoring a table ensures that craps gambling in a casino is regulated and fair. A street craps game can never guarantee such things and is even considered to be illegal!

The employees around a game of craps can also make sure that none of the shooters are using unfair dice, and will be watchful of the ways in which shooters operate. For example, they will make sure that a new die is used if a shooter accidentally fires one of the two die off the table. This can be a ploy for switching dice, and this is not possible under the controlled conditions in the casino.