Casino Craps

Even though casino craps is one of the most popular of all the modern table games, its history dates back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries in Europe. It is a very simple game of dice that can be played in a number of ways. There is the casino version that a player chooses to compete against the casino or “bank”, and there is the “street” version in which players compete against one another.Casino Craps

The casino game is actually very simple. A single player is given their turn rolling a pair of dice. This person is referred to as the “shooter”. Those who want to join in on this type of casino craps would simply be placing a wager on the outcome of that player’s throws of the dice. The casino or bank will cover all of the wagers placed against these throws and will also set the odds on the table too.

The wagering and rules of the game can often confuse some people, but it is best to view any game of craps in terms of two different “phases”. There is what is known as the come out phase, and then there is the point phase.
The come out phase has the shooter seeking to make one or more of the desired rolls. For instance, in a game of casino craps the player who rolls two, three or twelve has “crapped out” and all players lose any bets they made on the “pass line”. This is the reason that people say a “snake eyes” roll is such a bad thing (the two single dots on the two die mean that all bets are lost). If they roll a seven or eleven, however, every pass line wager is a winner.

The player must continue to roll until they get a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. This takes the game into the point phase, which requires the player to continue to roll until they hit a seven or the point.