Anyone who has ever set foot in a true land based casino is also likely to have watched or played in a game of Craps. This is a classic dice game that uses two dice and a formal system for wagering, but it is also a wildly popular game played outside of casinos too. This is because it requires no special equipment and has rules that are easy and generally well known.

When the craps game is not official (or legal for that matter) it is called a “street” game, but when it is played in the formal and legal setting of a casino it is called a “bank” game. This is usually the preferred method for playing a game of Craps because it uses several people to oversee and manage the action and because it is so regulated as to make cheating completely impossible.Craps

Let’s look first at the people regularly involved in a game, and then move on to the basic rules of play.

Firstly, the person who is actually using the dice and playing the game is known as the “shooter”. All wagers placed on the table will determined by the outcome of the throws of the dice done by this shooter. They will be given two dice to throw on each of their rolls (although there are five dice available at the table at any given time), and it is the “stickman” who manages this part of the process.

The stickman is responsible for collecting the dice with a special stick, directing the dealers to pay winners, and announcing the official results of each roll. The stickman is always located directly across the table from the “boxman” who is in charge of the chips and who also simultaneously supervises the other dealers. The boxman also deals with the process known as “coloring out”, which is when a player upgrades their chips to larger denominations. Finally, there are two “base dealers” located on each side of the boxman and who manage the two “layouts” printed on the surface of every Craps table. They are in charge of collecting and paying bets.

All of the staff working the table, however, will keep a watchful eye on one another to be sure that the bets are paid correctly and that dice are handled properly.

The staff is constantly watching craps play and the dice and the surface of the table, known as the layout. At each end of a standard Craps table the layouts serve as the place for all players to make their bets. There are two areas of the layout – the “pass” and the “don’t pass”. These coordinate with the outcome of a toss of the dice, and determine if a wager is a winner or loser.

The next thing to understand about a game of Craps is that there are two “phases” for each game. There is the “come out” phase and then the “point” phase. A single player can have several rolls in this phase before moving on to the next, and at any point they can get the seven or eleven that makes them “crap out”.

You can find a casino craps version in all land based and online casinos as this game is one of the most popular casino games and that craps gambling is popular among casino players in general.