Video Slot Machines

What is the difference between classic slot machines and video slot machines? There is actually not a huge difference in the way that the games are both played, where the differences appear is in things like paylines and bonus features.

A video slot machines is identical to the classic slot machines just with better graphics and innovative concepts. You can find modern games related to blockbuster hit movies.

Video Slot Machines

For example, in a classic slot machine there are usually three to five reels and one to three paylines. The paylines are the places where matching symbols must line up in order for there to be a prize. The payout tables for the traditional games show all of the available prizes and symbols to win them. Any “bonus” features tend to be nothing more than payments for less than three matching symbols.

Where the video slot machines are concerned, however, things get a great deal more complex. For instance, some of the games have 25 or more active paylines at any time. The wagers on these paylines are quite flexible, meaning that one to three coins might be wagered on them – yielding enormous prizes for winning spins.

The bonus features on these games are also different and can include animated games that are entirely different from the standard slot machine action. For example, there are many video slot machines that use a “pick and win” game as a bonus, and some even have challenges that are very much like a standard video game experience. All of these features, however, simply increase the amount of the player’s total winnings.

Modern video features also allow players to head to regular “brick and mortar” establishments or they can also find some online casinos offering all kinds of slots gaming too. In fact, this is one of the most common ways that players enjoy this sort of casino action, and there are dozens of online establishments that offer all of the varieties of slots currently available.