Roulette Wheel

The Roulette wheel is used in the roulette game as the tool with which the game is played by spinning the wheel and letting a ball come to a complete stop and randomly decide on the winning number.

Did you know that the roulette wheel has gone through a series of modifications and changes over the past two hundred years? It is interesting to note that there are actually two types of wheels – the American and the European. The American roulette wheel is actually closer in appearance to the original design and style than the modern European. The difference has to do with the number of spaces on the wheel given to “the house”. These are also known as the “zero” spaces. The American wheel has two different zeroes – the single and the double. The European has downsized to only the single zero system.Roulette Wheel

The payout on the zeroes is always substantial and is normally a “35 to 1” return on the wager. Of course, the chance that the roulette wheel will actually stop on these spaces is quite low, and so the odds against winning are usually “37 to 1”.

Other changes made to the roulette wheels over the course of time have had to do with efforts at the prevention of cheating. For example, the classic wheels were actually portable, and this allowed for a casino or a clever gambler to implement an array of devices which could control the outcome of a spin. This was particularly true when the game of Roulette was making its way across America and up and down the Mississippi River. It was at this time that wheels became permanently affixed to the top of a gaming table, and when the “betting layout” was greatly simplified.

Even though the game has undergone serious changes, and exists in a couple of different modern formats, it still reigns as the king of the casino games. Interestingly enough, it is strictly a game of chance but it appeals to an enormous range of players and can be found online and in regular “brick and mortar” casino establishments around the world.