Roulette Game

Have you ever wondered what the steps are in a basic roulette game? There are actually a few mandatory steps before you can even place that first wager. For one thing, you have to let the dealer know how many chips you want for the game and what their value is to be. For example, unlike any other casino game, the roulette game uses special chips distributed directly at the gaming table. These chips are assigned a dollar value by the player, and it is the job of the dealer to keep track of this specific value.

Before even getting the chips, however, the player must take an empty seat at the table. This is an interesting thing because any roulette game has only a specific number of available seats, and an observer must never attempt to take a seat to simply watch the game, as this is always forbidden.

Once the player takes their seat and gets their chips, they must then decide on their wager(s). Is it possible to lay more than a single bet on a spin? Absolutely, the players can put down as many bets as they would like. This is done on the betting layout, which is a grid of squares that have numbers matching those that appear on the wheel. The interesting thing to note is that most players aren’t actually going to lay their wager on a single space on the wheel.

What does that mean? Well in most roulette games, players actually place a range of bets that might include an entire row, a specific series of numbers, or even numbers in a single color. They might also go for the numbers that give the biggest payouts, which are the zero spaces. American players will have a single and double zero which pays an impressive “35 to 1” return, and Europeans get the single zero alone.