American Roulette

If you are interested in enjoying online or live games of American Roulette you will want to take the time to understand how this version of the game differs a bit from the original format which first appeared in Europe and then spread throughout the world. Today, there are two kinds of Roulette wheels in use – the double and single zero wheels which are alternately known as the American and European wheels respectively.

American RouletteIt is in the luxurious casinos of Monte Carlo where people can still find the single zero, or European Roulette wheels. These also differ in several other ways apart from the single zero slot, however, and anyone looking at the wheels would soon discover that the numbers are displayed in a very random manner and that the layout is different too.

The American Roulette wheels show their numbers in matched pairs positioned opposite one another on the wheel. For instance, the player can look at the American wheel and see that when the black seventeen is in the “true north” position on the wheel, the red eighteen will be exactly south of it on the other side of the wheel.

The zeroes on the American wheel are also paired in this way, which means that the double zeroes are directly across the wheel from the single zero as well.

Players who opt for American Roulette will also tend to do so because of the simplified “layout”. This is the area of the gaming table where the wagers are placed, and which is quite different in the American version than in the European one. This allows for simple betting and very fast action, and is the reason that this style of the classic table game of Roulette is the one that seems to really dominate the online and land based casinos all around the globe.