If you have ever watched a James Bond film you know that Roulette is the master spy’s game of choice. Why? It is among the oldest of the modern casino games and is also one of the few that is truly a game of chance. Placing a wager on a spin of the Roulette wheel is basically a leap of faith, but strategic gaming is still a possibility.

How is that? Well, the first thing to know about Roulette is that it can be found in two different styles or formats – the American and the European. The main difference between the two most popular versions is quite simple, the European wheel has a single zero slot while the American has the single as well as a double zero slot. What this additional zero slot does for the American version is to “up” the “house edge”.Roulette

What this means is that a Roulette wheel with the extra slot for the double zero reduces the likelihood of a winning “straight bet” (which is a wager placed only on a single number) to one in thirty-eight, or a roughly five percent edge for the house. The European wheel gives the player a one in thirty-six chance, so a roughly 2.7% house edge. This is the main reason that the American version seems to dominate most casinos around the world – it increases profits for the house.

The way that a player wagers in any game of Roulette is really the only way that they might implement a strategy of sorts. For example, the odds on a straight bet (as already mentioned) tend to be 37 or 38 to 1. If, however, the player puts a few wagers on a spin, they might increase the likelihood of a return by 2 to 1 or even 1 to 1. This is significant because it can allow the player to develop their own personalized system for tolerance. The issue with wagering in this way, however, has to do with the size of the return and this depends on the payout for the win and the dollar amount of any wager made.

Consider that Roulette is the only casino game in which the player dictates the value of their chips. For instance, a player never heads to the cashier at the casino in order to purchase their chips for a game of Roulette. Instead, they have to acquire them directly at the table and from their “croupier” or dealer. Each player gets their own special chips because this is the way that the dealer keeps track of the person making the wager and the value of the wager. So, a player with a straight wager might have a stack of chips worth $50 each and someone else might make the same bet and use a single chip worth $500 instead.

Clearly, this is a game that can be as carefree as desired or which can also see the player trying to implement a very strategic method for placing wagers on the various areas of the “layout” atop the gaming table.

To play roulette you don’t need any special skill, you just need to have good luck, however using a roulette strategy will probably only do you good.

Since the Roulette Game is one of the popular casino games you can find its online roulette version in almost any online casino, furthermore you can find it with real live dealers whom you can chat with and play with.