Keno Numbers

If you think that Keno numbers are the same thing as lottery numbers, you are incorrect. This is because the game known as Keno is most often found in a casino, though there are several state lottery agencies running regular Keno games as well. The way the game will work when operated in a casino setting is quite different from a classic “pick and win” lottery arrangement.

For instance, in Keno the player gets a ticket for a game, chooses up to twenty numbers from a possible eighty and then places their wager on the outcome of the draw. Each player receives a timed ticket for the draw, which means that players might place wagers on dozens of draws in a single day.

For each game, the casino draws twenty differently numbered balls from its specialty equipment, and if some of these Keno numbers coincide with those selected by a player they win the appropriate payout for their ticket.

It isn’t that simple, however, because the payouts will vary widely. For example, tickets can have only a single number or they can have a handful of different combinations. This might mean that a player places a combination wager using a “six-spot” selection, which would see them highlighting six different Keno numbers and then circling two groups of three. This would then be viewed as a 2/3 and 1/6 wager that would pay out if any of the numbers appeared, but would pay even more if the selected groups or combinations happened to be selected among the 20 numbers drawn by the casino.

Is this a game of chance? Absolutely! Because the variables are so broad, and because so many casinos have such a diversity of terms, it is not common to find any standard or recommended strategies. In fact, Keno is often mistaken for regular lottery fixtures because of its unpredictable and non-strategic format.