Keno Lottery

Are Keno and the lottery the same things? Not really, the term “lottery” can apply to a huge number of state and regional games that reward players for a variety of reasons. The game of Keno, however, is a very popular casino fixture (though there are some state and regional lotteries running Keno games too) that allows players to select numbers in order to win some cash prizes.

For example, a Keno game requires the player to choose between one and twenty numbers from a collection of eighty numbers. They can then opt to submit their selections in a variety of bets or ticket styles. For instance, in a Keno lottery game, the player might submit a “straight” ticket that indicated only a single wager. They might also create a “combination” ticket that allows them to circle groups of numbers that increase the payments if they choose correctly. There is also the “king” ticket that indicates a single number as the dominating factor in all groups selected as well.Keno Lottery

The payouts for most Keno games are also far less substantial than the massive lotteries that exist in many different areas as well. The payment for a winning Keno lottery ticket depends too upon the way the wagers are placed. For instance, the straight tickets tend to have only the smallest possible wagers made against them, and this means that prizes can be as small a single dollar.

Does this mean that Keno cannot be a rewarding game? Not at all, and this is proven simply by the fact that almost every existing land based casino as well as every online casino will have at least one opportunity for a Keno game each day. Before beginning to play the game, however, it is essential to understand the different variations in order to develop a potentially winning strategy.