Looking for a fun and easy game to play while spending time at a land based or online casino? Why not add a game or two of Keno to your itinerary? This is a game that has such a similar nature to the standard lottery that a handful of states also offer it with traditional “pick and win” lotto and lottery tickets as well.Keno

Are these two games the same? Not really. The casino versions have a somewhat variable set of rules and payment tables, and they also have a different “house edge” from location to location as well.

Let’s first look at the way a game of Keno is played before we take a closer look at the odds and house edges. Firstly, the game uses a blank ticket that has 80 numbered boxes. The player can choose up to twenty of these boxes and have their official ticket printed by the casino or held at the online site too.

The next part of the game involves the use of specialized casino equipment or software to choose twenty different numbers from that available pool of eighty. The goal of the game is for any player to have chosen a large number of the same numbers as those later selected by the casino. It is in this selection process where the enormous amount of flexibility comes into the game.

For example, a game of Keno may have a different payment table based on the amount of numbers matching the casino draw, and according to the wager made on the ticket. This is why the game of Keno is sometimes referred to as Keno Lottery.

Confused? Let’s illustrate a simple example – a player opts to select all twenty available numbers, and this costs them five dollars for the ticket. The casino might make prizes available for any “catch” in the set of numbers selected by this player. A catch simply means a match between the player’s number and those drawn by the casino. So, the player who pays the five dollar wager and selects twenty keno numbers may get a payment for one to twenty matches.

Now, another Keno player may not get such a flexible range of payment options if they played the same numbers at a different casino. That casino my only give prizes for catches of one to ten numbers, and then bump up the terms to reward catches of twelve, fifteen and twenty after that.

What are the chances of hitting all twenty numbers in a Keno draw at a casino? Currently it is believed that the likelihood of a single person picking and catching all twenty numbers is around one in 3.5 quintillion – if written out that is 1 in 3,500,000,000,000,000,000.

Does that mean that playing the game is a fruitless endeavor? Absolutely not! It just requires the player to do a bit of research to identify which casinos offer the best keno odds to their players. This is done by simply looking at the many different payment tables to see when small wagers and lower catch totals result in a prize or award.