Jacks or Better Poker

Whether you are familiar with the many types of draw poker being played in land based casino or online casinos, the one known as Jacks or Better poker should be on your “must play” list. This is because it offers one of the simplest and yet challenging games of poker available.

The basic rule of Jacks or Better poker is that a winning hand must contain pairs of Jacks (or higher) to qualify as a winner. This means that the player has to hold Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces if they want the pair in their hand to count. This doesn’t really impact the number of winning hands available from a single deck of cards (roughly 130k), but it does make strategy a bit unique.Jacks or Better Poker

For example, basic Jacks or Better poker strategy says that you don’t need to hold a single high card along with a pair because this is counterproductive in a single player game. This is most often the case where the Jacks or Better games are concerned because it is the most popular of the video poker options.

It is also helpful to understand that the payout tables for the games tend to vary as well. The only variant that is considered to be a “full pay” option is the one most often referred to as the 9-6 game. This has a percentage payout of 99.5%, and rewards the player with a 9 to 1 payout on a full house and a 6 to 1 payout on a flush.

Why such a high payment for the full house? Consider that the pair needs to contain Jacks or higher, and this can be a bit tricky to manage. The flush is not going to have to meet such demands, but is still difficult enough to get as to be rewarded with a hefty payout too.

Jacks or Better is without a doubt the most popular video poker game.