9-6 Jacks or Better

Are you familiar with the draw poker game known as 9-6 Jacks or Better? If not, you will want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with it. This is because it has the highest percentage of payout possible, and is a bit of a challenge too. The game is known as a “full pay” poker game because it offers a 99.5% payout on the game. Not all variations of this poker game pay the player as well as 9-6 Jacks or Better.9-6 Jacks or Better

What do the numbers in the name indicate? It is actually very simple – the 9 is for the 9 to 1 payout on a full house (which is a hand with 3 of a kind and a pair), and the 6 is for the 6 to 1 payout on a flush (which is a hand with all five cards in the same suit). Why would a player want to stick with the 9-6 Jacks or Better rather than other variants, such as the 8-5 games? It all has to do with the house edge and the way it can often affect the player’s profit margin.

For example, in a 9-6 game, the house edge is only .5%, which means that the player who wagers something as little as twenty-five cents on the game is only going to lose a maximum of roughly $3 to $4 in a single hour. The 8-5 game changes that ratio dramatically and can see a player in the $20 per hour loss range if they hit a bad streak.

We just used the word “streak,” and that is for a very specific reason. It is important to note that any poker game is going to be equal parts strategy and equal parts luck. The standard game that uses as 52-card deck is going to see more than 130,000 possible hands, but this level of chance is easily offset by implementing a well-researched strategy too.

The fact that Jacks or Better comes with different game variations makes it such a popular video poker game.