Blackjack Strategy

If you are determined to develop a Blackjack strategy you should know that there are actually only a very basic set of recommendations available. Sure, you could try to do a Hollywood approach and count cards, but that is much more complex than imaginable. Instead, most experts would suggest that you come to understand the significance of the card values if you are determined to use a solid strategy. Consider the cards with a value of 10. These are all of the “face” cards and the actual 10 cards. This means that if the player is enjoying a regular “pitch” game (one in which the dealer is holding a single standard deck and dealing the cards by hand) there are sixteen cards with that value of ten.Blackjack Double Down Strategy

The Blackjack strategy around this fact takes into consideration that it is usually quite likely that a dealer is going to have one of these ten cards as their “hole” card. Certainly this is not a guarantee, but is statistically likely. This can then be used to develop a standard gaming strategy that says “if the dealer is holding that ten card will it ‘bust’ the house?” Popular Blackjack strategy says that if the dealer is showing a two through a six it is likely that they will take a “hit”, and then bust.

This means that the player could be extremely conservative in their own wager and just allow the dealer to go bust.
If the card showing is a seven through a ten, a face card, or an Ace, it is likely that the dealer has a very good hand, and this means the player will have to take some risks in order to win the hand. Why is that? Well if the dealer has a ten card in the hole, and one of these higher cards showing they will actually have a hand valued at eighteen, nineteen, twenty or twenty-one. This is going to be tough to beat and requires a bit of daring.

Some of the most known Blackjack Strategies are called double down, card counting and more.

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