Blackjack Rules

Blackjack rules are extremely easy to master, and the most complicated issue has to do with the hand movements necessary to play the game. Let’s first look at the two ways that cards are dealt, and then we can move on to the steps taken by the players.2 cards in blackjack

Firstly, Blackjack rules state that there are two ways the cards can be dealt. They can come from a “shoe” that contains up to six decks of cards, or they can be dealt through the “pitch” method. The pitch method is a single deck held in the hands of the dealer.

When the deal is done from the shoe, the players receive both of their cards in the face up position, and when it is a pitch game the cards are received face down in front of the player. The dealer will always have one card dealt face up and the other dealt face down.

The next part of Blackjack rules concerns what the player does with their cards. The options are not expansive and include standing, hitting, doubling down, splitting or surrendering. Not all casinos have a surrender policy in place, so it is important to establish this in advance of playing the game.

To stand, the player moves their hand horizontally or slides their cards beneath their bet. To hit, the player taps the table with a single finger or scrapes their cards against the table instead. To double down, the player adds a second wager next to the original and makes the “one” signal with a finger. To split, the player adds chips next to their original bet and makes the “two” signal with their fingers. Their original hand is divided into two and they are then given two additional cards – making two hands. If surrendering is possible, the player makes a swinging motion over their bet, and gets half of it back from the dealer.