Although Blackjack is one of the most popular electronic and online games of all time, it is also a historically popular casino game too. Its origins date as far back as the 1700s, and it was initially referred to as “Twenty-One”, since that is the score required to win. Only later did it earn the name Blackjack when American casinos altered the game’s rules to allow more than a single way to win.

How do you go about winning a game of Blackjack? It requires that the player obtain a score of twenty-one with their cards, or that the player comes closer to that figure than the dealer without exceeding twenty-one. This is done in a few different ways, but it all requires the player to receive their cards from the dealer, and this can happen in only one of two ways. At the table playing blackjack

First, the dealer can use a “shoe” which is a box-like device that can hold up to six decks of cards. Alternately, they can receive their cards through a “pitch” by the dealer, which is simply cards held in the hand and dealt to the players.
The way the cards are dealt to those seated around the table determines how they appear on the table. When the shoe is used the dealer gives each player two cards, face up, on the table. If it is a pitch game the dealer places the cards face down. Additionally, it is only the dealer who has a single card face up and a single card face down – regardless of how the cards are dealt.

So, how do you get to this score of twenty-one in a game of Blackjack? You use the following values for the cards received:

•    Cards two through ten are worth their face value;
•    Face cards of the Jack, Queen and King are worth ten; and
•    The Ace is worth eleven, unless it will “bust” a player at which time its value is converted to one.

Once the cards are received from the dealer, the player will need to determine what their next steps will be. They can either “stay” or “stand”, “hit”, “double down”, “split”, or “surrender”. They will have to use a specific hand gesture in order to demonstrate to the dealer what they wish to do, but they must also understand that there are actual strategies that need to be implemented before making their decision.

Standing is usually selected in a game of Blackjack (and indicated by the movement of the hand horizontally) when the player believes they have the best score possible. Hitting is selected (and indicated by a tap of the table with a single finger) when the player believes they can improve their hand. Unfortunately, a player might “bust” or exceed twenty-one during such a choice.

Doubling down is a unique choice (and indicated by the player placing an additional wager next to their original bet) and doubles the bet because the player is so certain they are about to win.

Splitting is an option for those who want to divide their hand and make two different plays (and indicated by placing new chips next to the original bet).

Surrendering is done by those who know they cannot win, subsequently losing half of the original bet (and indicated by a swinging motion over the bet).