Blackjack Switch

If you are looking for the ultimate opportunity to dive into a very flexible game of Blackjack, you will want to find an online casino that is offering Blackjack Switch. This is a unique spin on standard Blackjack that gives the player the option of swapping cards from two different hands.

Blackjack Switch is originally a game by the casino software company “Playtech” and so it’s mostly available in Playtech online casinos.

A game of Blackjack Switch is not dramatically different from a standard game, but it does use two separate hands for each player. For example, when the player hits the Deal button on the screen they will see that they receive two hands directly in front of them on the table. If they see that the cards in one hand could be used to create a better hand with the opposite cards, they can strike the Switch button and make the rearrangement.Blackjack Switch by Playtech

The Blackjack Switch also comes with a handy Side Bet features, Insurance, and easy controls for all standard betting functions, including Hit, Stand, Double Down, and Split. This game does not feature a Surrender function. The minimum bet is usually only a single dollar, and the “cap” on the game might vary, but is usually locked at $300.

When the dealing is done, the Side Bet function is completed (if the wager is made) and then the player can begin to assess both hands. A good example of a standard experience would see the player get their two first cards being a Queen in one hand and a five of diamonds in the other. The second cards would be the five of hearts on the Queen and the ten of spades on the five of diamonds. This means the hands are evenly matched at 15 and 15. By hitting the Switch button the player could pop the ten of spades over to the Queen and create two hands with values of 20 and 10. The dealer would be hard pressed to compete!