Blackjack Surrender

In many online and “brick and mortar” casinos there is an excellent gaming option known as Blackjack Surrender. This allows the player – at a very specific point in the game – to decide that their first two cards are a lost cause and to then opt to “surrender” the hand.

What does this do? It allows a player to consider their first two cards, wait to be sure the dealer has looked at their own and does not have Blackjack or “21”, and then give up on the hand. They do this by waving a hand over the cards, which causes the dealer to return half of the original wager to the player.

Currently, there are all kinds of debates as to when the Blackjack Surrender option should be used. For instance, many believe that it is basic strategy around the times that the dealer seems to have a “soft 17” and stands on it. This is when the dealer takes no additional cards and is showing a seven card (it is then assumed that their “hole card” is one of the tens). If this is the case, and the player is holding a hand worth 15 the recommendation is to surrender. The same applies when the dealer is showing a ten card as well. This is because the statistics indicate only a one in four chance of winning such a round.

Additionally, the player has less than a one in four chance of winning when the dealer is holding a soft 17, and the player has a pair of eights, a 17, or the original 15 as well. Unfortunately, these are theories because the entire premise of the soft 17 is based on a sort of “guess”. This is that there is indeed a ten card not yet shown in the dealer’s hand, but this is simply unknowable, and therefore the surrender option is a good way to hedge against total loss.