Blackjack Progressive

If you are someone who truly believes that Blackjack is not just another game of chance, it is quite likely that you are also interested in learning about Blackjack Progressive betting. Interestingly enough, there are a number of ways in which this works, and some will advocate an “increase when you lose” format while others advocate using only the “increase as you win” format to ensure that you don’t actually put any of your own money at risk.Play Blackjack Progressive

For the purpose of this brief discussion we will consider the Blackjack Progressive betting that increases the wager by a single unit following every single win. How would this work? Well, let’s say that the base wager is ten dollars. If the player wagers ten dollars and wins, they will then wager twenty. If they win on that hand they will again bump up the wager by a single unit, meaning thirty dollars. This continues until the player sustains a loss. At that time the wager drops all of the way back down to its original level of ten dollars. The thing to remember is that by doing this, the player will have accumulated around sixty dollars in winnings after only three or four hands.

There is a “downside” to using Blackjack Progressive betting of this kind, and that is that not all players are going to enter into the kind of “winning streak” pattern necessary to use the betting system. This can actually lead to some financial loss if the player goes back and forth with the dealer on alternating hands. For instance, the player wagers ten dollars and wins. They wager twenty dollars and they lose. They begin with ten again, and lose. This shows how they can easily lose their winnings and even tap into their initial resources very quickly. Before using any wagering system it pays to do the basic math and to understand any risks.

The addition of the jackpot to progressive blackjack makes the game much more interesting.