Blackjack Pro

Interested in becoming a true Blackjack pro? If so, you are going to have one major activity in your future – practice, practice, practice! You cannot master the various strategies used by a true Blackjack pro in a matter of days, and you cannot become an expert by just reading about the game in a few well-written books or articles.

What you can do is to visit a few of the online casinos and Blackjack websites to enjoy as many free tutorials and games as possible. This is one of the best things about the large number of high-quality websites available – they can really introduce a potential Blackjack pro to excellent advice and some of the most common strategies.

Consider something as simple as a Blackjack tutorial on the use of the “ten” cards. The average “pitch” game will have sixteen cards with a value of ten – the face cards and the actual numeric ten cards. This usually means that a dealer is quite likely to have a ten card “in the hole” or unseen by the players. Many theories about the player’s next steps are based on this idea that the dealer will usually be holding a ten card, even if one is currently showing as their overturned card as well.

Knowing this can then lead the player to make some fairly wise decisions about whether or not they need to “stand”, “hit”, “split”, “double down”, or even to “surrender”. It is this last issue that has caught the attention of so many modern Blackjack experts. Some use the surrender as a way of saving money because it allows them to consider the dealer’s showing card and to make the best estimate about the feasibility of remaining in the game. If they want to pull out of the hand, they can indicate that they are surrendering and will even receive half of their initial wager in return.

Blackjack Pro is also the name of a pocket device card counter manufactured and sold by emerge innovations.