Ukash Payment

Once you get a hold of a Ukash voucher, a Ukash payment is as easy as can be. Using the Ukash voucher takes seconds and your payment is made.

Ukash is a prepaid money voucher which can be bought in kiosks, gas stations, newspaper stands and supermarkets across Europe. It can be used in various online websites and specifically online casinos or Ukash casinos that accept this payment method.

A Ukash payment is done the following way –

Take the uKash voucher (Ukash vouchers come with a pre-paid fixed amounts – 10,25 and 100) enter the amount you wish to deposit and enter your voucher code number and you are done. As easy as that.

If you have several uKash cards you will need to make several deposits, an alternative way would be to combine the vouchers into one voucher. This can be done on the ukash website and will require registration.

A ukash payment will always be one way. Meaning you can’t cash out funds into a ukash voucher – furthermore a ukash voucher which was used is only one time – you can’t load the voucher with more money, you will have to buy a new voucher.

That said, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Ukash as a payment method. Anonymity is the main advantage, the fact that you have to go somewhere and get the Ukash card is the main disadvantage of Ukash.

All in all all Ukash is available in all online casinos and this fact makes it even more popular. The fact that many people don’t like to provide the casino with their financial details make Ukash a great alternative.

Since Ukash is only used to deposit funds into the online casino, cashing out will be more difficult as you will need to provide documents to identify yourself. This will be a one time thing and you will be able to withdraw in the future with no hassle.