Ukash Casino

Ukash is a voucher which comes in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 units of each currency (Euro, Pounds or Dollars) and can be purchased at convenient stores, kiosks, news stands and more.

Ukash is available mostly in European countries and anyone can purchase a Ukash card almost anywhere and use it in a Ukash casino.

There are some merchants who even offer to buy Ukash online, it is recommended to stay away from such places as you might get scammed as you reveal your financial details.

All in all Ukash is a great way to deposit funds into an online casino – let’s review the major advantages of a Ukash voucher:

  • Available almost everywhere (not online).
  • Anonymous – You don’t have to identify yourself while buying a Ukash card, furthermore when using a Ukash card in an online casino, none of your personal details is revealed to the casino.
  • Limited amounts of Vouchers and value – One of the greatest advantages is the fact you can limit yourself to a certain amount of money and limit your spending in an online casino. Moreover you can’t purchase more than 5 Ukash cards at a time and the total value of the UKash cards can’t be beyond 2500 (dollars, euros, pounds).

All these and more make Ukash the perfect option for gamblers who want to stay anonymous, for players who want to limit themselves while playing casinos and for just about anyone who lives in Europe and have the option of obtaining a Ukash card.

Using a Ukash Casino Vouchers is instant, this means you will be able to play with the funds instantly.

Once you need to withdraw your winnings you can’t do it into your Ukash voucher (obviously) and you will need to provide identifying documents in order to be able to withdraw to your bank account or request a check to be sent to you.

Ukash is basically a type of a prepaid card, where the only difference is that it appears in the shape of a voucher. There are other services similar to uKash which can be used in online casinos such as paysafecard casino.

In case you are lefts with bits of vouchers, meaning you have money left in some vouchers you can unite several ukash vouchers into 1 voucher using the Ukash website, however this will require you to register and identify yourself.

To sum it all up, Ukash casino is a great option to pay online without revealing your identity while limiting your spending budget and instantly being able to use the funds you paid for.

Most of the casinos featured on Casinoodle accept Ukash deposits and so if you are looking for casinos accepting Ukash you can choose your favorite casino brand and start playing.