Paysafecard Casino

Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher which can be purchased in stores, kiosks, gas stations all around the world and used to make cash payments online.

Paying with a Paysafecard casino is not only safe and secure it’s one of the easiest way to deposit funds into the online casino where the only obstacle is obtaining the paysafecard by actually going to a place where you can buy such voucher.

Paysafecard is available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 units and it can also be bought in Euro and GBP currencies.

Since Paysafecard is available worldwide it’s also available in all the online casinos offered on Casinoodle which means all you have to do is choose a casino and pay with Paysafecard.PaysafeCard Casino

When you buy a paysafecard you get a paper voucher with a 16 digits PIN number.

A paysafecard is valid forever. After 12 months of funds being unused a $2 fee will be deducted each month of not using the paysafecard voucher.

The main advantages of a paysafecard casino payment method are:

Anonymity – you are completely anonymous by not supplying the casino with your financial details.

Spending limit – as long as you don’t buy more paysafecard vouchers you can’t deposit more than you have. This means you have complete control of your budget.

Availability – In most countries worldwide you can get a paysafecard in many stores, newspaper stands and more. This means you don’t have to go far to get a voucher.

There’s one main disadvantage of using a paysafecard, you can’t withdraw or cash out your casino cash or load your paysafecard. This means you will have to use a different withdrawal method to cash out your winnings.

So if you wish to stay anonymous and “pay safe” with your pay safe card all you need to do is get one and you can get started with your paysafecard casino right away.

Paysafecard is used by many merchants and shops, this means paysafecard casino is not the only use for a paysafecard and shopping online with your paysafecard is definitely possible.