Paypal Payment

Paypal payment can go both ways, whether it’s a payment made to the casino by the casino player or a payment made to the player when making withdrawal from the casino to the paypal account.

If you wish to make a paypal payment you can do so easily by making a paypal deposit – it’s a comprehensive guide which you must read if you wish to use your Paypal as a deposit method to the casino.

Once you feel it’s the right time to cash out from the casino, simply choose Paypal as the method you wish to cash out with. Then you will be required to provide your Paypal e-mail address, and in some cases you will also be required to provide some identification before you can take the money home. This is one time and it’s perfectly fine to send documents to the casino (especially if you win some money).

Using a paypal payment is as easy and secure as can be. After all Paypal is the biggest 3rd party processor on the internet and working with Paypal is safe.

It’s true that it’s not easy finding a paypal casino, meaning a casino accepting paypal deposits, but once you do it is all worth it as there are many advantages to using Paypal.

To find the casino which accepts paypal payments you can browse casinoodle. ALL of the brands offering Paypal as a deposit method are regulated and licensed and therefore they are legal. Paypal has a strict anti-gambling policy which makes it impossible for non licensed and non regulated (in other words illegal) casinos to accept a paypal payment.

Once you start working with paypal as a preferred deposit method you will never stop. It’s the most convenient way to deposit funds into online casinos.

Now go ahead and make your paypal payment to the casino.