Ebay Casino

Ebay casino is a myth. The myth is about the market giant to establish its own casino brand and permit gambling. You can however find eBay casino items and buy them online.

While it might happen in the near future, Ebay has a processing advantage of having PayPal has a processor (see: PayPal casino), Ebay is the biggest online market with millions of customers from all around the world, buyers and sellers and there’s no doubt that it will succeed as an online casino brand.

“Ebay Casino” might as well be an attempt to steal the name of eBay and misuse it for profits, presenting eBay as the owner and provider of the online casino game services. As such it can also offer paypal alternatives or attempt to steal paypal customers and transform them into a different 3rd party processing service. Since eBay is a registered trademark, such an attempt would be deemed illegal.

eBay is actually based in the United States of America where gambling is not permitted online due to the unlawful gambling act of 2006, nevertheless there are rumors that the congress is trying to legalize online gambling. This could bring respectful companies like eBay to proceed with creating an online casino brand of their own.

To do so all they need is casino software and a strategic plan of how to start their own gambling business online, they also need to be licensed and regulated in order to seem legit in the eyes of the gamblers.

eBay casino has a huge potential to be the biggest online casino brand worldwide, however at this point due to regulations as well as the reputation of online casinos, eBay is not swimming towards such a solution.
While the future looks bright for eBay as a worldwide online marketplace, it doesn’t look that bright for an eBay casino brand to go live anytime soon, and who knows, maybe it’s for the best.

Ebay has a wide variety of casino related memorabilia you can buy ebay casino chips, slot machines and even casino poker chips. Since eBay is a worldwide market you can get all type of casino related products. So if its casino collectibles you are looking for, you can find them at eBay casino.