PayPal Casino

PayPal Casino is not as easy to find as you’d expect, especially since PayPal is the largest processing company on the internet.

The reason for that is simple, PayPal decided to change its policy towards online gambling and decided to ban online casinos and other forms of gambling such as lottery, poker, skill games, bingo and other raffle and luck based websites.

If we go down to the details, the fact that PayPal had some refunds and charge back issues with gamblers losing their money in online casinos and then asking PayPal for their money back claiming they didn’t make the transactions, and the fact that online casinos are somewhat illegal, made PayPal cease their service for online casinos.

This has been the situation since the early 2000’s.

Recently we begin to see more and more online casinos accepting PayPal as a way to deposit funds into the casino (casino deposit method). The reason for that is the recent regulations and the fact more and more online casinos are being licensed in countries where gambling is legal.PayPal Casino

If we search for casinos accepting PayPal we might still find brands accepting PayPal in the past and not anymore, however we can definitely find where to play online using PayPal.

PayPal is basically an online wallet which is used as a 3rd party processor for credit cards and bank transfers. It was originally intended and still mostly used for Ebay, the popular worldwide marketplace, and this is why there are still rumors about eBay casino to take place someday. This means that you can use a PayPal account to transfer funds to and from your bank account and into other PayPal accounts. There are many advantages to using PayPal:

  • Security – Your financial details are hidden and secured from others.
  • Anonymity – You can go on with revealing nothing but your e-mail address to the other party.
  • Low fees – Compared to other services it’s not always true, but PayPal has been known to provide its services for low fees furthermore a transaction made from a PayPal account to another PayPal account directly, carries no fees at all.
  • Control of the money – With a PayPal account you have full control of your money including what was spent and where, full reporting and a dispute center in case you are not satisfied with a transaction.
  • International – Except a few countries, PayPal is used world wide which makes it even more popular for online transactions.

All these and more made PayPal a popular electronic wallet (e-wallet) and especially popular among online casino players.

PayPal casino can be found in the following list of casinos (accepting PayPal):

The PayPal casino list is updated and will appear here shortly.

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