Neteller Payment

A neteller payment is done to and from a Neteller account. Whether you use neteller for online gambling or for any other cause, making a Neteller payment is easy and simple.

First you need to have a neteller account and so if you don’t have an account yet you can open one in a matter of minutes.

Then you need to deposit some funds into the neteller account. This is the first type of a Neteller payment that you need to make in order to be able to use your Neteller account for anything.

Once you are done funding your Neteller account, this is done after verifying your Neteller account by sending verification documents (if needed), you need to make a deposit directly to the merchant you are interested in.

Since online gambling is one of the most popular uses for Neteller, let’s take Neteller casino deposit for example:

Inside your casino account you have a cashier or a banking option. Inside that area you will have a Neteller button or tab. Simply click on it, enter the amount you wish to deposit and your Neteller account details and the money will be transferred from your Neteller account directly to the online casino brand.

This is the second type of a Neteller payment.

Now all that is left is to win some money by playing the online casino and then withdraw your winnings back to your Neteller account and directly to the bank account.

This is how simple making a Neteller payment is. Neteller is basically an online wallet all you need to do is have some money in it and then you can easily use it anywhere you want and that accepts Neteller Payments.

Note that another easy way of making a Neteller payment is using the Neteller pre-paid card which is a Mastercard type of debit card which can be used anywhere.