First Deposit Bonus

A player deciding to go for the gold and play for real money will eventually make his first deposit and claim the first deposit bonus, or not.

There are reasons why a player should and shouldn’t claim the first deposit bonus and here you will find all of these reasons and eventually make up your mind whenever you decide to play for real money.

Why you should claim the first deposit bonus?

We’ll start with the pro’s or the reasons why you should claim the first deposit bonus.

  • Play with a bigger balance – a match bonus which is usually what the player gets when making the first deposit (as a casino welcome bonus) will get you to play with double your balance. This will enable you to play more games and have a chance to win (the more you play the bigger your chance to win).
  • Try out the games – The risk is lower when you have more money to play this is why you can play games you are not that familiar with (“practice for real money”) and then decide which game you like and which you don’t.
  • One time Bonus – the first deposit bonus is a one time bonus which most likely you will not get once again in that casino – this is a good reason to make sure you take good advantage of it when you start playing a casino.

Now for the cons – or Why you should NOT claim the first deposit bonus?

As a player you have the right to give up on the first deposit bonus or any other deposit bonus credited by the casino. You can do so by contacting the casino support requesting that the bonus will be removed from your account. Here are the reasons why you should do so:

  • Terms and Conditions – for every bonus you get from the casino there’s a catch, it usually comes with terms and conditions that makes it harder on players to make a withdraw. The most common terms and conditions for a bonus are wagering requirements that basically require the player to bet a certain amount of times on specific casino games.
  • Redeemable vs. Non Redeemable bonuses – Some bonuses are not redeemable meaning they are just play money and they will be removed from your account when making a withdraw. This is not necessarily a disadvantage but you should be aware of this.
  • Allowed Games – in Some cases the bonuses are allowed for certain type of games only – you should make sure you are aware of this as this ruins the experience of the casino.

Now it’s up to you, the first deposit bonus is there and waiting for you. Usually it’s automatic and instant which means you will be credited the amount of the bonus into your account just as you make your first deposit. Do the math and see if you really want the first deposit bonus and go switch to real money!