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Are you interested in playing some online games? If so, you will probably begin to wonder what the casino bonus programs are all about. Interestingly enough, there are a huge variety of these programs, with some being far superior to others. For instance, you might find that there is a casino bonus available to match an initial deposit, but at one casino this might be a real cash reward and at another it might be available only in the form of credits.

Choose Your Casino BonusThis is one of the reasons that the use of a casino bonus as an incentive to join a website or to make an initial deposit is so common an occurrence. It is also the reason that so many casinos have come under serious scrutiny. This is because some fake or fraudulent websites use the old-fashioned “carrot and stick” system to get a player to join the site and begin to play, but when they want to make the withdrawal of their winnings (which they won using the casino bonus dollars or credits) they will find that the terms make their winnings ineligible for withdrawal. In fact, some systems are so skewed towards profit for the casino that a player can actually end up without any real money prize or payout at all.

This, of course, is an extreme example of fraud, but it does pay to be well aware of such things before deciding when and where to make a deposit at an online casino. In addition to matching deposit funds serving as a casino bonus, there are also what are traditionally referred to as “high roller” bonus payments. These are staggered payments issued to frequent players who reach benchmark deposit or winnings amounts and who then get a nice cash bonus for their participation.

Many casinos also consider their exclusive promotions as a form of bonus too. For instance, access to some tournaments is through frequent participation or by reaching a certain level of winnings. This invitation to participate in a high-stakes tournament is considered a form of reward or bonus program too.

Interestingly enough, the competition for patrons at online casinos has gotten so intense that many sites now give bonuses to those who don’t even make a deposit into an account. Such a bonus is usually a “credit only” variety, but there are some examples of bonus funds that can be cashed out by the new player. This allows them to test the site, see if they like the software, the design, and the features without also having to make a heavy financial commitment.

One thing to remain aware of when looking for casinos offering good bonuses is the amount of positive or negative feedback you can discover. There are plenty of forums and web portals that allow players to register complaints of sites that have questionable bonus policies. This has evolved out of the large-scale spam campaigns that lure in customers through false promises of bonuses. Reading fellow-enthusiasts’ comments is a great way to find some reliable sources of free money through valid bonuses.